Loving Every Bite

Dough fritters. Youtiao, butterfly buns - enjoyed at breakfast with fresh soy milk or piping hot coffee, these traditional tastes bring us back to days gone by. Our love for such heritage food is one of the reasons we started DeliSnacks - sharing our fritters as little bites of time, ones that comfort in a fast-paced and ever-changing world.

It all started in 1993. Our founder Alex Ong observed the hawkers as he enjoyed his typical early morning youtiao and cup of coffee. He saw how elderly women would knead, roll, and fry dough - all before sunrise. It was a lot of hard work, manual labour. Alex was moved by their dedication. In his eyes, they kept the past alive by hand. He wanted to help.

With great love for his community, he sought to automate and simplify the most tedious steps of the dough-making process. Alex travelled to different parts of Asia to meet with dough experts. He worked hard to learn and master the art of traditional dough-making. Back home, he experimented the technique of dough freezing to lengthen shelf life and maintain freshness. It was a long and difficult process. But Alex's determination - to revive and preserve the tradition through innovation - made it all worth it.

Today, DeliSnacks proudly produces various types of high quality dough and snacks. Our production space has grown from an initial 600 sq ft to 8,000 sq ft. We deliver the snacks to hawker centres, restaurants, and other F&B establishments island-wide. The fritters are freshly prepared with less time, energy, and wastage - keeping the personal heritage touch that everyone loves.

Over 50 DeliSnacks stalls are conveniently located around the island, offering cooked fritters at friendly prices. They do more than satisfy hunger - they satisfy cravings to reconnect with bygone days. They keep us in touch with our childhood, kinships, and tradition. No one can turn back time - and yet, through lovingly prepared fritters, we can fondly savour the past.


Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award 2014Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award 2014

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